Eliminator Biography: 

ELIMINATOR passionately pays tribute to the world renowned ZZ Top by delivery of some of the greatest hits to ever grace the FM airways. Billboard hits such as Legs, Sharp Dressed Man, Tush, Give Me All Your Lovin', Cheap Sunglasses, Nationwide, La Grange, Thank You, Pearl Necklace, under pressure, everybody knows the list goes on.

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How To Book Eliminator:

The agents at 615 Entertainment agency have been booking tribute music artists like Eliminator for clients around the world for over 30 years. Fill out the SUBMIT AN OFFER form or call our Little Rock, AR. office at (501) 888.7777 OR our Nashville, TN. office at (615) 830.7121 and one of our agents will be happy to assist you in booking Eliminator for your next event. 

How Much Does It Cost To Book Eliminator?

When you are booking an act like Eliminator, there are many factors that determine the final price, including the artist's touring schedule and other shows they may have in your area.  Fill out the SUBMIT AN OFFER form or call our offices at (501) 888.7777 in Little Rock, AR. OR in Nashville, TN at (615) 830.7121 and one of our agents will be happy to get you a price and availability for your date and assist you in booking Eliminator.  All fees that are quoted are only an average minimum for a US and International event AND they can change depending on the event or project. 

                   International events are always at a much higher fee
Agent and celebrities need to have the details on the event, before they will quote us an exact fee.
Variables on where they are coming from, time commitment to do the event or project and how busy
they are effect pricing.

615 Entertainment Agency does not set the celebrities asking price, the celebrities and their managers set pricing. 

*It is a waste of your time and ours to try to get celebrities to do events at unrealistic budgets.*    




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