Kara Clark Biography

Unconventional and unconstrained, Nashvilleʼs Kara Clark hits hard with her badass old-country-rockinʼ sound. When asked to describe her genre of music, Clark takes a deep breath and admits she doesn't have one. 

This curvy, twangy, black-haired raven with Native American heritage and West Virginia story-telling style just never wanted to be part of anything mainstream. “Iʼm not puttinʼ on the outfit, losinʼ the weight or coloring my hair. People love me for who I am and I love me for who I am and it's taken a long time.”

Kara has always worn her heart on her sleeve despite a somewhat "rough" exterior and attitude. Her old country lyrics and genre-bending country-rock sound are a woven tapestry of troubled times, hidden passion, haunting ghosts, hope, hypocrisy, empowerment and the gritty, gutchecking truth. Her music resonates with both country and rock fans because her lyrics and music communicate the trials and triumphs of ordinary people.

Her first album, Sinninʼ, was released in 2010 and set the ball rolling. Her second album, Southern Hospitality, followed in January 2012.

Kara caught the ear of guitarist Kenny Olson (Kid Rock, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Les Paul, Sheryl Crow,), who came on board to play a few tracks on “Southern Hospitality” produced by Clark, Walker, and Mark Lambert (Leon Russell, Ronnie Milsap) with some engineering by Toby Wright (Metallica, Alice in Chains).

Kara was thrilled to have Brent Mason (George Strait, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson), Dave McAfee (Jamey Johnson, Toby Keith), "Cowboy" Eddie Long (Jamey Johnson), Eerie Von (Danzig), Wayd Battle (Jamey Jonson), and Peter Keys (Lynyrd Skynyrd) to name a few.

“Iʼm lucky to get this kind of support and excitement for my music,” says Clark about the  players who joined her in the studio. “I think weʼre all ready for a new kind of country sound. I know my fans are.”

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