The Worlds One and Only Female Lynard Skynyrd Tribute Band

Lynette Skynyrd Band Bio

Lynette Skynyrd is the world’s one and only all-female Lynyrd Skynyrd trybute. Based out of Southern California, the band was founded in 2010 by vocalist Laurie Es. Laurie had already built a reputation as the lead member of hard rock band Hallowed Engine, a former DJ on WFMU and a promoter in L.A.’s rock scene. A lifelong Skynyrd fan, Laurie set out to create a tribute that would truly do justice to the genre-defining Southern hard rock of the original band, and the exceptional songwriting and musicianship that earned Lynyrd Skynyrd its rightful place in the pantheon of classic arena rock bands. With a powerful mid-range voice that makes her the perfect female counterpart to Ronnie Van Zant and a talented group of female musicians with established credibility, Lynette Skynyrd would not be just another tribute band.


 Laurie Es: Lead Vocalist

Singer and front-woman for Lynette Skynyrd, Laurie's natural vocal range makes her the perfect female counterpart to Ronnie Van Zant. She is a talented musician and is more than capable on other instruments as well. Laurie has served as vocalist, guitarist, bassist and songwriter for Hallowed Engine, Dirty Red, Higher Octane, Special Head, Motochronic and Wet (just to name a few). In addition to fronting Lynette, Laurie also creates all the artwork for their iconic gigposters. She is a lifelong Skynyrd fan and it was her vision that   formed Lynette Skynyrd.

Cathy Lauer: Guitar

Cathy's imminent blues-rock style is clearly influenced by Lynyrd Skynyrdguitarist, Gary Rossington. Her axes of choice are Gibson Les Pauls & SG's - a definitive homage to classic era Skynyrd. Hailing from Southern California, Cathy has performed, toured & recorded with numerous artists & bands. She spent the 90's in Seattle, governing & driving her own original hard rock project, Catastrophe right thru the heart of the grunge era. Now back in her native SoCal, Cathy is heating up the fretboard in Lynette Skynyrd.




Music has been a part of Lu Ann's life for as long as she could remember: taking piano lessons, singing in church, dancing to James Brown records her mama brought home and a signed artist fronting her own solo project. Her musical resume includes her own band 'Blues With a Feeling'. During their illustrious career, they shared the stage with Johnny Winter, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Tinsley Ellisand many more. As a North Carolina native, Lu Ann's southern roots, her non-stop energy and natural inclination for Leon Wilkeson's bass licks are the stuff that is integral to Lynette Skynyrd.


When looking through Diana's lengthy list of accomplishments, the term 'renaissance woman' immediately comes to mind. Besides her role as staff organist and pianist at a rocking Catholic Church, she has also worked for several theaters as a music director and keyboardist for over 30 music productions. Nicknamed 'Diana Piana', she has played keyboards in many noted country bands, including The Country Underdoggs, The Western Sky Band and Sandra Piller & the Wild Cards. Diana is also an accomplished ballroom and swing dancer. She has even been the magician's "lovely assistant" at the famous Magic Castle. Besides being a natural fit for Lynette Skynyrd, Diana also bears an uncanny resemblance to Lynyrd Skynyrd Honkette, Dale Rossington.


Ellie May is what we refer to in the world of music as "a prodigy". This Blondeberry Shortcake has been drumming for 10 years, yet pounds the skins like she's been doing it since she learned to walk. Born of a musical family, her induction into the world of rock was predestined. The moment Ellie began tapping her babyspoons against the rim of her bowl of Gerber Baby Food, her parents recognized her innate ability to keep time to the rhythm of the kitchen food grater. It wasn't long before she headed for the Musicians Institute and completed a rigorous program of rhythmic resonance. Ellie has brought her talents to such notables as Gorilla Blood, SRElephants and Evil Beaver. Her instinctive ability to lock in with the Skynyrd grooves makes her the perfect gal to lay down Lynette's percussive foundations.


Hailing from Tampa Florida, the music of Lynyrd Skynyrd was an important part of Sharon's childhood. An accomplished and formidable player, she is best known as guitarist for chart-topping vocalist Cee Lo Green. A Musician’s Institute alumni, Sharon also happens to be a classically trained violinist. She is endorsed by Fender, EVH, ENGL amps, Fractal Audio, RainSong Graphite guitars, Dunlop, TC electronic and Ernie Ball Strings. Sharon has amassed a wealth of television credits in the United States and abroad, having played on Saturday Night Live, The Today Show, Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Lopez Tonight, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Last Call with Carson Daly, The Colbert Report and American Idol.

Lynette Skynyrd loves to play San Diego, CA. The gyrls rocked a chick-infused set of Southern-Fried goodness at Brick By Brick, including this stupendous version of 'Freebird'.

Lynette Skynyrd played the grand opening of Lynyrd Skynyrd BBQ & Beer at The Excalibur in Las Vegas for Lynyrd Skynyrd themselves. Honkettes, Dale Rossington and Carol Chase joined the gyrls for a rousing rendition of 'Sweet Home Alabama'. 




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