Mila Mason Biography

Mila Mason came to Nashville with a dream. Country music stardom, taking center stage, standing in the spotlight…this wasn’t Mila’s vision…she wanted to be a songwriter. Blake Mevis (of George Strait, Keith Whitley fame) discovered Mila as a songwriter. He took her into the studio, recorded her demos and delivered them to Atlantic Records. Mila signed with Atlantic in 1996.

Mila’s debut album, “That’s Enough of That” was released in 1997. It featured the title cut of the same name as well as her signature song, “Dark Horse.” Award winning “Dark Horse” was one of the most played songs of the year in multiple radio formats. Her sophomore project, “The Strong One” was released in 1998 and featured the memorable single “Closer to Heaven.” 

After the release of her second album, Mila left Atlantic and took time off to write her third album “Stained Glass Window.” She collaborated with co-producers Michael D. Clute, Mike Porter, and Mike Wrucket. This decision was climatic for her career as an artist, but it was a risk she felt that she needed to take as a songwriter.

During this period Mila was offered a production budget by Mark Bright and Marty Williams. She herself was producing two acts at the time and knew this budget would be good for one of those acts, regardless of her involvement as their producer. She requested that the budget be given to the group now known as Rascal Flatts. A meeting was arranged, and the rest is history.

Mila Mason has written songs for artists in multiple musical genres including Country (Ty Herdon and Mindy McCready) and, most recently, Adult Contemporary. She penned Christine Padua’s debut single “Do You” produced by Tony Mantor. This effort between Mason and Mantor successfully reached Billboard’s Top 40. Their creative kinship also precipitated a decision to collaborate on Mila’s upcoming a project, to be released on Plateau Music. 

Mila has a talent for finding the heart of a song. She’s an honest artist in terms of what she sings. She’s a gifted songwriter who creates lyrics that tell a story that is tangible. She’s doesn’t just deliver the music, she draws the audience into her music.

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