Paulette Carlson



As a child with a passion for singing and knowing that music would be her life, Paulette Carlson followed her dreams. Born in rural Minnesota, Paulette spent her childhood steeped in the mid-west traditions. After years of singing in the country dance clubs her ambition and talent led her to Music City. Paulette quickly garnered a writing deal with the Oak Ridge Boys publishing company, Silverline/Goldline.


You can hear in Paulette’s distinctive style, the years of “singing to her own drum”, so to speak. In the late 80’s, Paulette founded one of the Country Music’s most legendary bands. Paulette blended her unique country style with musicians from the west coast, and the result was Highway 101. With Paulette heading the all-male band, they signed with Warner Bros. Records. With their first hit, The Bed You Made For Me, written by Paulette, the band found their sound. Highway 101 instantly impacted the charts. Their top 10 hits included country classics like Whiskey If You Were A Woman, Somewhere Tonight, Cry Cry Cry, and Just Say Yes. It was their original sound and solid songwriting that allowed Highway 101 their charted successes. As lead vocalist, Paulette led the band to win both Academy of Country Music (ACM) and Country Music Association (CMA) awards, for “Vocal Group of the Year” two years in a row. They were also nominated for two Grammy Awards. Paulette and Highway 101 became distinct pace setters, influencing the sounds of Country music even today.


After years at the top, Paulette decided to leave Highway 101 to pursue other interests, including being a wife, a mother, and a solo artist. With Capitol Records, she released Love Goes On which quickly gained recognition and praise from fans and critics alike. Paulette went back on the road with her eight-month-old daughter, a nanny, and her new band. After three years of steady touring, she decided to be a full time wife and mother and moved to Montana.


Throughout her entire career, Paulette has kept a distinct vision, and in the fall of 2004 she wrote a song that would lead her back to Nashville. Inspired by her late brother Gary, who fought in the Vietnam War, she wrote Thank You Vets. “When I wrote Thank You Vets, I realized that this song came with responsibility and it needed to be heard,” she said. Paulette came out of retirement and arrived in Nashville mid-April of 2005. Within just a few weeks she was in the studio recording her new album. This country record, which is so very much “Paulette”, is a tribute, not only to her brother, but to all men and women who fought during the Vietnam era.

Paulette’s gifts of composing, producing and performing have given us this, her latest album, It’s About Time. It is a collection of songs written and sung by a woman with a gift for taking her wealth of experience and channeling it into songs everyone can embrace. With her signature long blonde mane flowing and her unique voice soaring towards the rafters, it’s obvious when she takes the stage, that Paulette is a woman who will never be content to rest on her laurels and It’s About Time is only the latest chapter in a timeless career.

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