Razzy Bailey Complete Biography:

Country crossover crooner Razzy Bailey makes a bold impression on the music scene with Damned Good Time, an eclectic project comfortably blurring the lines between modern country, rock and blues. 

A little over two years in the making, this Alabama born artist’s latest project proves once again that when a singer has the freedom to explore their talent without fear of musical boundaries a captivating, timeless and ear candy production can result.  “Basically, it’s always important to share my personal experiences within each album.  It’s something I have always done and will continue to do so with each musical endeavor.” 

With a recording resume that pushes country music to its limits, Razzy’s career spans thirteen #1 singles, 32 Top 10 singles and recognition as Billboard’s “Artist of the Year.”  He is also the only artist to ever have both sides of a 45 climb to the top of the Billboard charts three times in a row producing a 6 song run to #1. 

Among the many milestones along his path, one of the most exciting moments he remembers is the day that three major labels offered him recording deals within a 20 minute period.  “I was rehearsing with the band in Macon, Georgia, which claims me for one of their own these days, and I got a phone call from Bell Records complimenting me on my single and asking if they could pick up the album.  After hanging up the phone and going back to the practice session, it wasn’t but just a few minutes later that MGM and Capitol called.” 

Razzy’s name is one to be noted alongside his diverse musical friends and often recording partners Dobie Gray, Delbert McClinton, Johnny Cash,  folk legend Richie Havens, Steve Cropper and KISS member Peter Kris.  Like many veteran artists, his talent in the songwriting arena equals the recognition he’s received as a performer that shatters country music’s borders and stereotypes. His songs have been recorded by legends such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels, Lee Greenwood, Steve Cropper, Dickey Lee and Ricochet. 

Outside the U.S, Razzy’s songs have an unprecedented staying power as Thai artist Bird Thongchai had a hit in 2008 with Razzy’s signature 9,999,999 Tears.  Thongchai molded the country single into a Latin dance mix proving that great songwriting transcends musical and cultural borders.  “When I wrote that song, I actually had more of an up beat version in mind so it was great to see an artist finally take the song that direction.  There have been excellent versions across the globe and it’s always flattering when people translate the song into their language.” 

Discovering new audiences outside the U.S. has always been a happily traversed journey for this award winning artist.  “The performances at the Hard Rock Café and the Croatia World Trade Show will forever remain in my mind.  It was an honor to see my photo hanging alongside presidents and other VIP’s.  We had been living on the bus for months and were sheltered from the reality of the war going on around us, but for a brief moment my music took the war that was ripping Croatia apart off the minds of everyone in attendance.  My wife and I remember going to an airport and there were only military planes on the runways.” 

Now under the SOA (Sound of America) imprint Razzy’s latest project is again erasing the lines of country and delta blues.  “When I went in to record this project, I wanted to reconnect with the 70s era country --- the Waylon, Mickey Gilley, Charlie Daniels and Marty Robbins sound.  Contemporary music is definitely tuning into a 70s groove throughout country and rock/pop formats.”   

With the many hardships that have been thrown at this Atlanta Music Hall of Famer, it is not a stretch to see how his voice and songwriting has found its roots in this vulnerable and soul bearing sound.  This album is set to bring a renaissance to a career marked with hits like Loving Up a Storm, Anywhere There’s a Jukebox, Friends, I Keep Coming Back, Midnight Hauler, True Life Country Music and She Left Love All Over Me.   

Beyond the performance world, Razzy keeps his ears tuned to contemporary music co-writing with and producing youthful talent.  His music industry contributions are currently featured at three exhibits alongside Travis Tritt and Otis Redding at the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. 

Razzy’s studio experience includes work with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Dobie Gray and Billy Jo Royal and his full service studio, Razzy’s Hit House, features a 24 track board.  “I’ve been fortunate to be doing what I love for so long,” says Razzy.  “I can still recall my beginnings and my very first guitar that I got from my dad.  The neck was so warped that it looked like a bow and arrow.”  From that bowed guitar to today’s blues infused sound, Razzy proves to consistently deliver projects that slice through format barriers and resonate with fans of all ages.



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