Satin Dollz Biography and About Their Performance

From all corners of the United States, our lovely Satin Dollz were brought together on one stage in 2005 to deliver top-notch entertainment reminiscent of the WWII USO Camp Shows from 1941-1947. Since then, their unique combination of varied talents have charmed audiences young and old, stateside and overseas, with their crowd-pleasing tap dance numbers,blended harmonies, stunning beauty, and notably sweet dispositions.

Shows range from 20 minute sets up to 90 minute sets and can be tailored to your event's timeline. For instance, the Dollz can perform a few numbers at a time throughout the event or in larger chunks of time during a meal or after dessert etc. Their manager willl work with you to customize a show just right for your event.

Rates vary depending on time, location and whether you prefer using a live band to back up the Dollz act (band can also play during cocktail hour and/or dinner etc). 

Other themes Satin Dollz perform in addition to the 1940s USO theme include: 1920s Speakeasy, Flirty French (includes the Can Can dance), and Vegas showgirl theme. 


Bettie Lu: Satin Doll
Monique: Satin Doll
Grace: Satin Doll
Dixie Lee: Satin Doll
Delilah: Satin Doll
Judy: Satin Doll
Penelope: Satin Doll
LuLu: Satin Doll
Lily: Satin Doll
Violet: Satin Doll
Allison Windsor: Manager/Producer


The Satin Dollz are a combination of the Andrews Sisters and the Rockettes- gorgeous girls, gorgeous gams, and gorgeous harmonies. Influences include classsics such as the Andrews Sisters as well as big band greats such as Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Cab Calloway and Benny Goodman; spectacular songbirds such as Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Keely Smith, Peggy Lee and we can't forget Bing Crosby, Louis Prima, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin.. ..list goes on and on! Favorite movies of ours include the chorus girls in Singin' In The Rain, Swingers, For The Boys and anything that has tap dancing chorus girls in it!!

What to Expect

Typical Gig Duration: 10 - 90 minutes

Audience members are instantly delighted by the Satin Dollz' upbeat and cheerful vocal harmonies and precision tap dancing from the moment they hit the stage. Each Satin Doll(there are a total of 10!) has their own persona and is more charming than the next which allows for audience members to connect with their favorite Satin Doll (or two or three) when they are performing. The Satin Dollz act is appropriate for all ages and types of events and depending on the type of event, an audience member or guest of honor may find themselves as part of the act on stage either serenaded by a bevy of beauties singing and playing their ukuleles or being fought over in the 1930s song "I Want to Be Loved By You." 

Clients can expect a professional experience with the Satin Dollz management company, Dollface Entertainment, from all aspects including contract negotiation, travel arrangements (if necessary), tailoring the act specific to the event's needs, coordinating live band if also hired, organizing from start to finish the Dollz arrival, show, and conclusion.

Stage/Setup Requirements:
Dressing room
If there's no band, then a way to play CD tracks or IPOD
Sound system
Wood dance floor or stage for tap dancing

Additional Notes:
To be determined depending if client wants full vocal and dance act or just vocals.

Set/Song/Sequence List:
The Satin Dollz perform over 60 numbers from the 1940s big band era. In addition, the Satin Dollz also perform numbers from the 1920s, 30s, 50s and 60s.

Performance Schedule

Past Booked Dates:

12-13-2013 — Sportsman's Lodge- Studio City, CA
11-15-2013 — Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, CA
10-11-2013 — Sportsman's Lodge, Studio City, CA
09-20-2013 — Sportman's Lodge, Studio City, CA
08-23-2013 — CItizen Hotel - Sacramento, CA
08-03-2013 — LA Waterfront Festival- San Pedro
07-29-2013 — UK Tour
07-28-2013 — UK Tour
07-27-2013 — UK Tour
07-26-2013 — UK Tour
07-25-2013 — UK Tour
07-24-2013 — UK Tour
07-23-2013 — UK Tour
07-22-2013 — UK Tour
07-21-2013 — UK Tour
07-20-2013 — UK Tour
07-19-2013 — UK Tour
07-18-2013 — UK Tour
07-17-2013 — UK Tour
07-16-2013 — UK Tour
07-15-2013 — UK Tour
07-05-2013 — Private Party
06-08-2013 — Private Party, Cicada Club - Los Angeles, CA
06-04-2013 — National Homeland Security Conference, Los Angeles, CA
05-18-2013 — M Bar - Hollywood, CA


2006: 7 gigs
2007: 18 gigs
2008: 40 gigs
2009: 24 gigs
2010: 36 gigs
2011: 38 gigs
2012: 44 gigs
2013: 22 gigs

Available for Your

Anniversary Party, Awards Night, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party, Bar/Lounge, Birthday Party, Casino, Casting Call, Christmas Party, Club/Nightclub, Concert Venue, Convention, Corporate Event, Cruise, Festival, Holiday Party, Hotel, Luncheon/Tea, Parade, Private Party, Sporting Event, Trade Show, Wedding Reception

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